We are looking for a talented and experienced Game Designer / Creative Director who wants - together with our studios - leave a permanent mark in the game industry. If you want to make a difference and work on products that matter to players you belong with us. Our entrepreneurial spirit will allow you to express and grow together with us, in the mission to serve our players with the best possible games.

As a Senior Creative Supervisor you will creatively coordinate top productions and teams around the globe, inspiring and driving the development to accomplish the product vision and quality.

You are:

  • An industry veteran with 7+ years of working experience that allow you to make sense of the intricacies of game development with AAA teams and large scale productions.
  • A Senior Designer with in-depth knowledge of game and level design, and game development methodologies.
  • A great team player, ready to share his knowledge and learn from others. You excel at organizing yourself and others working in a team, inspiring them through your charisma, working ethic and analytical abilities.
  • A pro when it comes to work in a fast-paced environment, meeting deadlines and priorities on multiple simultaneous projects.
  • Goal oriented and an achiever by heart. You are able to maintain in focus the strategic direction transforming it into concrete tactical execution.
  • An avid gamer that loves to keep his gaming and market knowledge constantly up to date. Play games is a serious part of your life style. Your curiosity brings you to explore different genres while your skills allow you to methodically analyze a product to identify areas of improvements. Your game development credo is: “A game for gamers”

You will:

  • Oversee creatively multiple projects, coordinating them though the entire development lifecycle.
  • Ensure the game to be developed becomes the best possible product.
  • Provide input, participate, and prioritize deliverables and features with the Development Team and the project stakeholders to create a top quality game within the project mandate and quality requirements.
  • Work with the Development Team to ensure the best game and level design solutions and methodologies are in place.

International applications are welcome!


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We look forward to receiving your application consisting of cover letter, CV, references. The more information you provide us with the better. Please use our online application form.
If you have questions regarding your application, please send an email to jobs@kochmedia.com.